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Visual and Performing Arts

At Notre Dame High School, a very important part of each student's advanced education is the arts. Through participation in visual, literary, and performing arts, Notre Dame High School students develop new interests and discover new talents, while gaining a greater level of self-confidence, self-expression, self-control, and communication skills. They learn how to collaborate and at the same time respond to constructive criticism while mastering a craft that oftentimes captures the values, emotions, and experiences associated with different ethnicities and cultures.

Notre Dame High School students can participate in 17 different arts programs. Among the performing arts, students enjoy classes for advanced acting, concert, dance, and theatre. Visual arts offer everything from Art 1 to Honors Art, film, and photography. Literary arts include journalism and participation in the yearbook publication.

Performing Arts

The performing arts encourage students to explore their emotions, expand their imagination and develop their own, unique voice. Each discipline of music, dance and drama engage a student in different ways to find joy in self-expression. Notre Dame High School students can choose between singing, dancing, playing an instrument or participating in the dramatic arts.


Most notable among the arts programs is Notre Dame High School's band programs. In 2023, the band program was granted its own chapter in the prestigious Tri-M Music Honor Society. Sponsored by the National Association for Music Education, Tri-M offers students greater opportunities to perform, lead, and serve the community. 


Also very accomplished is the Notre Dame High School theatre department, where in-class and extracurricular opportunities are offered. In class, students get a taste and appreciation for three main areas of theatre arts: acting, technical theatre, and theatre history. Students learn the importance of acting skills while performing solo and in small groups. They are introduced to the world of design through costumes, set, lighting, and sound design. Two full-length theatre productions are produced during the fall and spring semesters.

Notre Dame High School is a member of the International Thespian Society Troupe #8672. This organization is the only international honor society for high school theatre arts students—a recognized demonstration of achievement and a valuable addition to college and employment applications.


Students participating in choir learn how to read and sing music while exercising various vocal techniques to create entertaining works of art as one team. In pursuit of achieving the perfect harmony, the camaraderie formed among members creates lasting friendships.


Dance brings students together to achieve a common goal. Oftentimes the ambassadors of school spirit, participants bring energy and a feeling of community to all members of Notre Dame High School.


Rachel Craig, Theatre & Dance Instructor

Visual Arts

Visual art offers students the opportunity to reflect on the experiences of different cultures and ethnicities, as well as the time in which we live. They help students to understand the experiences of others. Notre Dame High School students experience the world of visual arts through classes such as Art 1, Honors Art, 3d skills, photography, and design.

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