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House System

The House System

At its core, House allows us to live out our Catholic identity while providing mentoring opportunities between the more experienced veteran students and those still learning the ropes. One’s House affiliation becomes one’s smaller family unit within the larger Notre Dame family. We are communities that provide social and spiritual support for one another, and we recognize that all members have something to contribute to Notre Dame—both Our Lady and our school.


Each “House” is christened after one manifestation of Our Lord in Scripture. The four Houses are Fons Vitae (Fount of Life), Fortis Bellator (Mighty Warrior), Lux Vera (True Light), and Rex Gloriae (King of Glory). Houses are mixed by grade-level and gender, and students remain in the same House all four years as a student. God has a hand in choosing your House your first year at Notre Dame, as the sorting process is completely randomized. Where you are, there you should be.


The Houses also function as Notre Dame’s organizing principle for leadership opportunities, Games Days, dances, pep rallies, community service projects, and more. Each House consists of a faculty member who serves as Head of House, two senior captains, and multiple prefects (sophomores, juniors, and/or seniors) who assist the captains in planning and executing all House events. Each year the House Heads appoint captains and prefects to lead the charge.


We celebrate virtuous behavior and involvement in school social, spiritual, athletic, artistic, and service components. Students may earn points for their Houses by contributing extra community service hours and by participating in various House competitions. Each month the House with the most points earns the privilege of wearing their House t-shirts on Mondays. At the end of the year the House with the most points win the coveted House Cup!