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Individual Class Reunions for 2022

Class of 1972 Reunion Registration

If you are a member of one of the following classes and are interested in being your classes' reunion chair or being a member of the reunion planning committee, please contact the Alumni Office at 423-624-4618 ext. 1020 or by email

The following classes will be having Reunions during Alumni Weekend 2022

All classes ending in 1 and 6 

Planning your Reunion Step-by-Step Help and Tips

Suggested Timeline

  • January                        Form committee; choose committee chair
  • January – February      Update class mailing list
  • March                           Reserve venue; return updated list to the Alumni Office
  • April                              First informational mailing to classmates
  • May                              Plan events; set-up class account
  • June                             Second mailing to classmates for reservations
  • July                               Plan awards, special programs, and any handout pieces
  • End of July                   Alumni Weekend and Reunion

Committee Responsibilities

Writing Letters

  • The first informational mailing should provide the main details for the class reunion and include a biographical survey to help plan additional activities based on family status, interests, etc.
  • The second mailing is to take reservations and payment. Including a pre-addressed envelope to help expedite responses if desired.

Updating the Class List

  • Calling and/or e-mailing classmates to verify addresses.
  • Using directories, Internet searches, classmates, social media and Alumni website searches  to find missing addresses of classmates.
  • Report all changes back to the Alumni Office

Handling Class Funds

  • Locating any existing funds if there have been previous reunions.
  • Setting up an account with a local bank or with Notre Dame High School**
  • Collecting and depositing checks (if using a bank).
  • Sending checks to Notre Dame High School if using an ND account).    
  • Setting up online registration & payment portal with Alumni Director

** All classes can request to have an account opened at Notre Dame High School. Checks are deposited into a designated account, and the business manager pays vendors directly. Excess funds can be held for future reunions. Classes can receive tax exemption.

Handling Event Details

  • Reserving the facility, caterer, photographer band, or DJ
  • Choosing decorations, arranging deliveries, and forming a setup committee
  • Finding volunteers to serve as greeters, photographers, etc.

Communicating with Classmates

  • Creating a class email list or Facebook page to communicate with classmates   
  • Using message center on the Alumni Website to send out information.
  • Update your class page on the Alumni Website with all of the reunion details.
  • Setup an online event RSVP with the Alumni Office. (Now Alumni can pay reunion event costs online. Contact the Alumni Office for more information).
  • Organize a phone effort to encourage attendance and update addresses.