Fine Arts » Dance


The dance department is under the direction of Mrs. Cleo Gravitt and Mrs. Rebecca Corte. Mrs. Gravitt is a certified dance instructor (certified by testing) and she is a member of Dance Masters of America. She also holds a degree in Psychology/Communications.

Mrs. Gravitt teaches students an appreciation for the art of dance. Students learn many genres of dance from jazz to hip hop and ballroom as well as study famous choreographers and dancers. Students also learn the process of developing a group routine which consists of choreographing a routine, designing costumes and editing music. The result of their hard work is demonstrated at the end of the 3rd quarter with a dance recital for the entire school.


There are currently two dance teams at Notre Dame. The Irish Charms is a team of 10th – 12 th grade students who perform all year. These dancers also attend a mandatory summer camp to prepare for the year.

The Irish Emeralds is a team of 9th – 12th grade students who perform during the winter basketball season. Mandatory practices are held after school. Both teams are under the direction of Mrs. Gravitt.