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Auditorium Renovation

Or more than one! We have painted, added acoustical panels and hung new curtains. Now we invite you to honor someone special to your heart - a parent, a teacher,  a classmate - and in doing so help us complete our Auditorium Renovation.
Since its completion in 1980, our Auditorium has been a focal center of much Notre Dame student life...concerts and speakers, plays and pep rallies. Most importantly, it's the sacred space in which our Notre Dame student body celebrates Mass.  Sadly, with age, the sound of our current seats has become a distraction.  And with your help, we'll be able to offer a more prayerful atmosphere.
Each seat will have a tribute plaque engraved as a memorial or honorarium as deemed by the donor.  If you would like to give 5 or more seats, please contact Robert Jones, Director of Development, at or call (423) 624-4618  ext. 1020
Thank you for our support of this project and Notre Dame High School.  Go Irish!
1 SEAT -    $250
2 SEATS - $500
3 SEATS - $750
4 SEATS - $1,000