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Why ND?


We are the Fighting Irish

We are not all Irish. But we are all fighters. Here, we’re committed to attacking adversity with a ferocity that yields substantive achievement. Because at Notre Dame, we’re not afraid to fight for what we believe in. Or, who we believe in: our students.   

Fighting for Futures

Every day, we’re preparing young adults for the challenges of college, and the wider world beyond. While our nation’s social-media-fueled culture is tearing people down, we’re fighting back by building upon students’ strengths in a safe and nurturing environment. We are sharpening intellects, cultivating curiosity, broadening minds and inspiring future leaders to find the will to overcome doubts…and a world full of doubters.


Fighting for Positive Change

Youthful, optimistic eyes are quick to see things the way they should be. But it takes the well-grounded wisdom and relentless encouragement of experienced teachers to show students how to shape idealism into practical change. Our mission is to help aspiring leaders find where their true passions lies, and kindle their fire to fight for what’s right.

Fighting for All of God’s Children

At Notre Dame, we like to say that our doors open a little wider. We open our arms, and our hearts, to young men and women of all faiths, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. The result is our classrooms reflect the rich diversity of our nation. How we see it, it’s not only the right thing to do, it’s also the best possible preparation for succeeding in a diverse, global workplace.

Fighting for Family

Ask alums to describe Notre Dame in one word, and many will call it a “family.” That’s because we’re always quick to have each other’s backs. We support each other. We celebrate successes, and we help shoulder the burden of disappointments. We laugh together. A lot. In the process, our students build lifelong bonds with friends and faculty.

Fighting for Championships (and Just for FUN)

Notre Dame’s fighting spirit in athletics is legendary (not to mention our legendary fight song). So it’s no surprise that our trophy case is brimming with state and regional titles. But if you REALLY want to see intensity, you have to witness one of our epic dodgeball throw-downs.

We Want Fighters

Every year, we have the opportunity to welcome a new class of highly motivated students through our doors. While their definitions of success may vary, they are united by a willingness to fight to achieve their individual goals. Are you ready to join them?