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Mission & Core Values


Mission Statements

Diocean Mission Statement:

The Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Knoxville prepare scholars, leaders and saints.

Vision Statement:

Empowered by the Holy Spirit and recognizing the vital ministry of Catholic Education to the future of the Church and nation, we will provide a learning environment that emphasizes quality education and spiritual growth for all.

Core Values:

Catholic Identity: Our schools are family-centered communities where all decisions, traditions, and teachings originate from our membership in the Catholic Church and are visible as we serve, pray, encourage, and support each other. We collaborate and problem solve in positive ways while respecting the views and needs of others.

Service to God and Others: Our schools serve God by placing our personal needs second to the service of others. We believe that work has dignity and contributes to the community.

Dignity of Individual Persons: Our schools believe that God created each person with dignity and love. We believe that this God-given life should be supported, cared for, and nourished from conception to natural death.

Honor and Integrity: Our schools are open, honest, and trustworthy. We seek to be fair and loyal to our calling, to those we serve, and to those who serve us. We seek to overlook the faults of others and continue to strive to love them as our Lord has asked.

Excellence: Our schools strive to do the very best we can in all endeavors. We prepare, support, and assist our students to be successful members of society while glorifying God.

Leadership: Our schools bring out the best in others through leadership and guidance in collaborative, community-based environments. The love of God helps the growth of leadership.

Notre Dame High School Mission Statement:

The mission of Notre Dame is to share the Catholic faith in an environment which fosters spiritual growth and academic excellence and embraces religious, academic, cultural, and economic diversity.

Notre Dame High School graduates will:
  • Think critically and creatively in order to problem solve.
  • Work collaboratively.
  • Master core learning objectives in required subject areas.
  • Communicate effectively in both written and verbal forms.
  • Develop the necessary research skills to access and retrieve needed information and knowledge.
  • Be technologically literate.
  • Understand the ethical and Catholic/Christian beliefs that will guide their behavior and decision making in the world beyond high school.
  • Have core values essential in a democratic and civil global society.
  • Have multicultural and artistic experiences that have enhanced their academic and spiritual lives.
We share the Catholic faith by:
  • Believing that each student has worth, is valuable, and has many gifts to share.
  • Fostering Notre Dame as a place to root students in their faith by assisting students in exploring spiritual ideas and growth.
  • Discovering Christ in the daily routine of student life.
  • Living the tenets of faith through service.
  • Treating students, faculty, and staff with respect and compassion.
We embrace religious, cultural, economic & academic diversity by:
  • Believing that our environment is enhanced by cultural diversity.
  • Understanding that religious differences enhance the sharing of the Catholic faith.
  • Ensuring that all students, regardless of economic background, have an equal opportunity for educational development.
  • Believing that gifts develop differently within each student.
  • Believing that every student is unique and learns in different ways and that teachers need to respond accordingly.
We foster academic excellence by:
  • Providing discipline which serves as a foundation to a sound educational environment.
  • Assisting students in taking personal responsibility for their learning.
  • Believing that critical thinking is as important as the individual facts learned by students.
  • Teaching students how to work cooperatively to achieve a goal.
  • Motivating students to desire high standards.
  • Teaching leadership skills as a means of developing leadership.