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                                                                       Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few questions that we hear often from prospective parents. If you have a particular question that is not answered here, or you would like more information about any of the following, please contact the Admissions Office at 423-624-4618 extension 1004 or at

                                                                        Admissions FAQs

Do I have to be Catholic to attend Notre Dame?

No. Notre Dame is a school rooted in the Catholic Tradition, which also welcomes students of all faiths.

What is Notre Dame’s tuition?

There is a Catholic and non-Catholic rate of tuition. The exact amount varies based on the number of children in one family attending a Catholic school. For current rates, please contact the business office at 423-624-4618, ext 1011 or 1010.

Are there any fees that are not included in the price of tuition?

The only charges not covered by tuition are lunch purchases, uniforms, ACT testing fees, senior graduation fees and athletic fees.

How do I go about arranging a visit to Notre Dame’s campus?

The experience of the truly familial atmosphere of Notre Dame High School cannot be communicated solely through brochures or websites. As a result, we encourage your child to spend a day with us here at Notre Dame High School. Prospective students are welcome to shadow a current student any day of the week. To schedule a visit or a “Shadow Day,” please contact the Admissions Office at 624-4618 extension 1004 or at

What exactly is a “Shadow Day”?

Shadowing is the opportunity for potential students to spend the day at Notre Dame High School and experience firsthand what it’s like to be a member of the Notre Dame family. Students that shadow are paired with a current Notre Dame student for the day to attend classes, go to lunch and get a true feel for student life at Notre Dame.

What is the Admissions Process?

The first step towards becoming a member of the Notre Dame Family is to fill out an application packet, which includes a personal essay, two teacher recommendations, a school counselor recommendation, and a parental release form. Incoming 9th graders then take an admissions test, which is offered several times a year. The final step of the admissions process is an interview with a member of the Notre Dame Admissions Committee.

Why do I have to take an admissions test?

Notre Dame uses a standardized test as a means of placement for our students. The admissions test, however, is not intended to be the sole piece of data used in determining the placement of students. Admissions test scores, teacher recommendations, and academic grades are all used in placing students in courses for their 9th grade year. Also, since all of our students take either the ACT, PLAN, or PSAT each year, having results from their placement test also allows for us to track the advancements that our students make during each year they are at Notre Dame High School.

Where can school uniforms be purchased?

Every article of the Notre Dame High School uniform may be purchased through Educational Outfitters. Educational Outfitters has two locations in Chattanooga, 2271 Gunbarrel Road, Suite 100-B, (423) 894-1222 and 3905-C Hixson Pike (423) 874-0864. You can also visit their website at

                                                                                General FAQs

How many classes does a student take at one time?

Notre Dame has an eight-class workload. This allows students the exposure to an expansive curriculum, an extensive amount of electives, and a greater opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses. While students take eight classes a year, they only have five classes per day which rotate from day to day. This rotation ensures that students are not experiencing negative effects of having the same class at the same time every day. Only having five periods per day also allows for classes to meet for long enough periods of time to allow for a multitude of different learning activities.

What is the average class size?

The average class size is 15, with a student-teacher ratio of 11 to 1.

Who teaches at Notre Dame High School?

Notre Dame High School teachers come from a variety of different backgrounds, and bring an average of 15 years of teaching experience with them. Close to 60% of our teachers hold post-graduate degrees.

Where do your graduates typically attend college?

Notre Dame graduates attend a wide variety of colleges and universities. Recent graduates have been accepted to the University of Notre Dame, Emory University, Georgetown University, Vanderbilt University, appointments to the Naval Academy and West Point, as well as a variety of Catholic, private, and state universities. For a more complete list of colleges and universities to which Notre Dame students have recently been accepted, please click here.