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Dining Services

Food service at Notre Dame is provided by Pedestal Foods. Pedestal Foods makes healthy food that tastes great; whole foods cooked authentically from scratch, starting from a simple list of unprocessed ingredients. 

Student Dining Accounts

Funds can be loaded onto your child's account through

If you have any questions please contact Joanna Yoakam at 423-624-4618, ext 1025 or send an email to



COVID-19 Dining Protocol
 >> From a food and serving perspective, Pedestal Foods will be making the following changes among others:
  • workers will be wearing masks, shields and gloves and will be screened each day
  • all foods will be wrapped or served in covered to-go containers.
  • while the Salad Bar can no longer exist, pre-plated salads will be available.
  •  silverware, condiments, salad dressings, etc. will all be individually packaged and distributed at check-out
  •  hot foods can no longer be served on open plates but rather in covered, multi-section, to-go type containers
  • we plan to continue to offer the use of microwaves while adding the necessary expectation that each student will take a moment to wipe them off after usage
  • we plan to continue the use of our soda fountains with a change from 16-ounce cups to 20-ounce cups (same price), but refills can no longer be available
 >> As long as social distancing is required, we will be taking the following measures:
  • our cafeteria has been re-designed utilizing round tables with maximum seating for three
  • students will be allowed to eat outside if they can maintain social distancing expectations
  • one-way traffic flow will be followed as students make their way to the food serving area
  • stations mapping out foot-traffic patterns and six-foot markers will provide guidance
  • we will necessarily need to limit the number of students at any one time in what is already a relatively small serving/paying area
  • though it’s impossible to guarantee even when life is normal, it has usually worked out that most freshmen and sophomores eat together, juniors and seniors do the same. However, rather than our normal two lunch periods, we will be using three, creating the need for real flexibility. Thankfully, in our efforts to maintain our rotating bell schedule, there should be some movement in this regard.
 >> All families are encouraged to utilize the Pedestal Foods on-line payment options 

>> Scanners and keypads will not be used. Cashiers will find students in the system by typing in their name.