Students Compete in Constitution Bowl

Students traveled to Lee University for their annual Constitution Bowl. Under the guidance of civics teacher Dave Weikel, twenty students making up 5 teams competed against other area schools. One team, made up of seniors August Westhoff, Natalie Varga, Kate Stevens, and Maite Gomez, made it through to the quarterfinals. 

The Constitution Bowl is an annual event organized and hosted by Lee’s Political Science Program to celebrate Constitution Day by popularizing the Constitution and the events around its creation. Although most Americans are familiar with the important role of the Constitution in determining politics and public policy in America, too few know what our founding document says or the intricacies surrounding its establishment.

In the Constitution Bowl, high school teams compete by answering trivia questions pertaining to the Constitution. The Constitution Bowl is a fun way to get students to learn about the text of the Constitution as well as to engage in a larger discussion about our founding principles and the proper role of government in our lives.

In the Constitution Bowl, students answer questions pertaining to the following documents:

  • Constitution
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Articles of Confederation
  • Federalist Papers 1, 10, 51, 70, 78, 84
  • Tennessee Constitution

Moreover, students are also expected to know basic constitutional history on the Founding Era and the Presidential Succession Act.