Mr. Valadie's Weekly Message

Greetings from school! A few quick reminders:
>> This coming Wednesday, September 16, is a designated At-Home Learning Day. Students and teachers can utilize this time to catch up or get ahead ... maybe it's a chance to tackle a missing assignment (or two) or get a jump start on that paper/project that looms in the future. And as much as our students will be tempted to gather, we need them to be safer than they sometimes want to be.
>> Friday, September 18 will be a half-day with dismissal at 11:30 a.m. so teachers can tackle an afternoon of Professional Development. 
>> We'll have another home football game next Friday. In an effort to improve, we have revised a few things. If you or your student are planning to attend, please read the attachment.
>> During Advisory this week, we gave all our students a packet of information regarding our Catholic Schools Raffle to benefit tuition assistance, especially here at Notre Dame. We'd really like our moms and dads to see that stuff, too, but you'll probably have to ask for it or dig it out of their bookbag. And thank you - many times over - for your support of this effort!
>> If you haven't seen one of our recent social media posts, I want to congratulate senior Isabella Wade. Not only did we recognize her last Spring for her perfect ACT score but she was also recently named a National Merit Semifinalist. 
      I also want to recognize two young men - Nick Polickoski and Zach Varga - both having recently earned the rank of Eagle Scout - sought by many, achieved by few. 
      Congratulations to all three on these milestones! 
--- --- --- --- 
It's a remarkably quiet building. More than one person has commented about that of late. 
Of course we have students spread out, and we can only have a limited number attend Mass at any one time, but you can literally hear a pin drop in that theater - an old-fashioned straight pin could hit the floor and I know we'd hear it.
The cafeteria and the hallways really aren't much different. I mean, it was never a free-for-all on a normal day but this has a bit of a different feel. Masks are muting things for sure but it's more than that.
What administrator in their right mind would ever say this, but I do miss a few of those extra decibels and the energy that comes with it. Don't get me wrong, it's no morgue here, far from it, they are teenagers after all. They still gather when they can, they make each other laugh and they make me laugh. Throw a good house competition in front of them and they're still cheering for their team like it's a pep rally for State.
It's just a little different.
This morning, one of our staff even took the time to liven up the check-in process (yes, we're still taking temps every morning) with some playlist music for the hallway. It's a Friday, it's a Spirit Day, it was a welcome addition.
Being back is so much better than not. I think they believe that too. It's just different and different takes some getting used to. If nothing else, haven't we all learned that?!
Have a safe weekend!
George Valadie