Mr. Valadie's March Message

March, 2020

To all our Families –


   Greetings from ND! Daylight savings is just around the corner and I’m thrilled, I could use a little extra sunshine! A lot really. The weather forecaster on whom our family relies said we only need an inch of rain in the last days of February to set an all-time record for precipitation in a month, outdistancing the mark set 80+ years ago. I was surprised we hadn’t topped it already.


   As you know, we just finished hosting our 2nd Annual Green & Gold Gala and I cannot thank everyone enough for the tremendous support! Our new Director of Alumni & Development, Kathy Martin, put together an incredible team whose efforts were not to be denied. Not only did we sell out the event, but our proceeds (all aimed at campus technology improvements) increased by 400% over our inaugural event.

   Needless to say, we could not have done it without our team, our staff, our donors, sponsors, surrounding parishes and all who offered a prayer for our success.

   And as you recall, we have a generous donor who has offered to match all Notre Dame fundraising this year up to $500,000. What a remarkable night! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


   As if the flu weren’t bad enough, there’s that growing conversation everyone’s hearing and having about the corona virus. It has not surfaced at our school nor do we know any that have. I hate to say the obvious but good hygiene is the absolute best preventative for most all illnesses. Check out the attached information provided by our Diocese.

   We’re all about kids coming to school – but if they have a hint of anything they might accidentally spread, please keep them home. Classrooms and lunchrooms are pretty closed-in spaces.



   Here’s a reminder that our Junior-Senior Prom will be here before long (Saturday, April 18th).

   Here are a few things to know: (a) outside dates need to be registered ahead of time; (b) freshmen cannot attend; and (c) please know that modesty in dress is critical though sometimes hard to find in today’s stores. We don’t want to deny anyone the opportunity to enjoy an evening with their friends but there’s too much out there that’s just not acceptable.

   Any questions or concerns, just ask. Better to know ahead of time.


   Here’s my monthly reminder … Not only can you check grades but you can also track student absence and tardiness on RenWeb. Our semester policy allows for five absences in a class before points are deducted or seven tardies to school before consequences come about. If you have a student that drives, may I suggest checking on their punctuality every so often.


   And lastly, the post-it notes currently hanging on our fridge:

>> Sun, Mar 1-31 … Online Enrollment for 2020-2021 school year is available at no cost

>> Mon-Fri, Mar 2-6 … Foreign Language Week

>> Wed, Mar 4 … Foreign Language Honor Society Inductions

>> Fri, Mar 6 … End of the 3rd academic quarter

>> Mon-Fri, Mar 9-13 … Spring Break

>> Mon, Mar 16 … Classes resume

>> Thu, Mar 19 … Blood Drive

>> Fri, Mar 20 … NDHS hosts Career Day speakers for 10th grade

>> Sat, Mar 21 … OLPH Paddys and Pints Fundraiser

>> Wed, Mar 25 … Junior Parents Meeting, 5:30 – 7:30

>> Wed, Mar 25 … Sophomore Job Shadowing Day

>> Tue, Mar 31 … 9th/10th Parents Meeting, 5:30 – 6:30

>> Wed, April 1 … Online enrollment requires a $125 fee



   Each week I try to send our faculty and staff a quick look at the week that lies in front of us. Our goal is to be on the same page – needless to say, we don’t always master it.


   While I was working on it one recent Sunday afternoon, I did what others often do … I got lost in my phone … looking forward and backward and skipping all around and ultimately came to realize what you already know. This place is crazy busy! Insanely so!


   In the month of February alone our life looked like this … and I’m not sure I haven’t missed something:

   Our school hosted a Parent Meeting for 11th grade moms and dads … had a half-day of Parent-Teacher Conferences … hosted two tournament with 18 basketball games … welcomed two Congressional Medal of Honor recipients … had two late starts … hosted 50 kids for our second Admissions Test … their parents for an Information Session … and 200 more kids for that same Saturday's ACT Test …

   we hosted a Gala for 250 people with a full meal, two auctions, dancing and casino games … had three kids earn All-East Band recognition … tried our hand at a Student Elective Fair … had a sock drive for the homeless … raised money for Memorial Hospital Cancer Research by having a Pink-out, a Think Pink Art Contest and sold Val-o-grams …

   we had a Sophomore Retreat … 70 of our kids went to a SEARCH weekend … volunteered at Clifton Hills after school … we’re rehearsing for the spring musical … celebrated six seniors signing college scholarships … had three wrestlers earn medals in the State Tournament … seven swimmers earned their way to State … recognized a National Merit Finalist …

   our teachers played musical chairs and our kids had a three-legged race … we celebrated Ash Wednesday … had ACT Prep for 300 kids … had a day of ACT and Pre-ACT testing … danced around the flu … and had actual school where actual kids learned actual things.


   How amazing is that! Just in February!


   What occurs to me is that if it happens for us, it happens for you. Because we are you and you are us and you get the picture.


   If we have a meeting, it’s parents that come … if we raise money, it’s most often given from your pocket … if our athletes or musicians do well, it happens because you helped get them to and from and everywhere in between.


   If kids give of themselves in service, they use you as a role model … if they work hard in school, it’s because you’ve convinced them it’s important … and most importantly, if their faith is growing, God is alive in your family too.


   We teach and coach and encourage for sure. We've celebrated and cried, just like you have. Like I said, we are you and you are us, bound together pretty tightly in this mission from God.


   I love that we’re this nuts! I don’t get to make it to everything but when the beehive is humming, I believe good things are happening. My guess is there are schools where it’s all-school all the time. If that’s your mission, I say, “Go do it well!” But it’s not ours. We’re challenged to shape all of the many pieces that make up the youth who cross our doors.


   Knowing you’re a vital partner in the process makes us who we are. Thank you for your support and your involvement – in the countless forms and fashions you give it.  


   But that was an insane month and we could all use a Break. So as you step away for a week of Spring Break, we hope you’ll find the time to catch your breath, because … well, we've got three more months to go!


   George Valadie