Mr. Valadie's December Message

December, 2019

To all our ND Families –

   Advent and Christmas Season greetings from Notre Dame!

   Earlier today, I took a moment to thank our students and teachers for all they have done and all they are doing to help those who are needier than they are. That thanks goes to moms and dads as well – probably moreso.

   Our No-Shave November efforts raised enough money to benefit the Chattanooga Area Food Bank, the Ladies of Charity and the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

   And then those kids who volunteered their afternoon and evening to help bake for Catholic Charities – I found out that helped them raise over $7500.

   Not to mention the “Penny War” our kids staged just before Thanksgiving to benefit the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer.

   All totaled, our school community will have been a part of raising or helping raise over $13,000.

   In addition, some will donate their blood tomorrow and others will give part of a Saturday afternoon to lay holiday wreaths at the National Cemetery.

   That’s not to mention what I know our families already do in so many other ways – an angel tree from somewhere, a Toy for a Tot, some change for those Santas ringing the bells.

   I believe there’s a reward for these sorts of kindnesses, but I also believe it awaits in another lifetime. Thank you!

   We’ve been having school too! We recently inducted the newest honorees to our ACT 30+ Club. Thus far, we already have 28 members, 21 of them seniors. That’s a full one-fourth of this graduating class! Congratulations to all of them! And as the second quarter wraps up, we look back and pay tribute to the 59 students who made ‘straight As’ in the 1st quarter and the 100+ who earned all As and Bs. Hoping for more of the same this quarter.

   Here are a few notes/policies that apply to our upcoming exam week:

   1. Exams are scheduled for Monday (16th) thru Thursday (19th), two per day, starting with 8th period and working backward (see calender below).

   2. Students need only be here for their actual exams.

   3. Should students need to be on campus anyway, they are required to be in the Cafeteria or Library where they may study if they have need

   4. Exams are 90 minutes in length. The first exam each day is 8:15 – 9:45; the second is 10:00 – 11:30.

   5Regardless of when a student actually completes the work of his/her exam, students are required to stay in that classroom until the 90 minutes have passed.

   Naturally, some will want to leave when they’re finished and they may badger you about that, asking you to call, but we ask you to please be respectful of the rest of the students still working. We don’t interrupt exams. The fewer interruptions for everyone the better. (And we always recommend they bring materials to study for the next exam – or a book to read.)

   6. Our Library will open each day at 7:30 and will close for the day at 12:00 noon. The building will remain open for any whose ride will be delayed.

   7. Our cafeteria staff will have breakfast biscuits and such available before school and during the Break between exams.

   Any questions? Please call.

   Don’t forget that you can track student absence and tardiness on RenWeb. Our semester policy allows for five absences in a class before points are deducted or seven tardies to school before consequences come about. We inform families about student absences on a daily basis … but not tardies. If you have a student that drives, may I suggest that’s worth checking on every so often.

   And finally, in this season of giving thanks, we want to publicly thank the St. Mary’s Legacy Foundation of East Tennessee for their recent grant of $13,250 that will help us with some facility repairs that have been hanging out there.


   Some refrigerator post-it notes:

< > Wed, Nov 11 … Advent Penance Service at NDHS

< > Wed, Nov 11 … Christmas Band Concert, 7:00 p.m.

< > Sat, Dec 14 … Student Service opportunity laying wreaths at the National Cemetery, noon

< > Mon, Dec. 16 … Exams for 8th then 7th period classes

< > Tue, Dec. 17 … Exams for 6th then 5th period classes

< > Wed, Dec. 18 … Exams for 4th then 3rd period classes

< > Thu, Dec. 19… Exams for 2nd then 1st period classes

< > Fri, Dec. 20 … Christmas Vacation begins

< > Tue, Jan. 7 … Classes resume

< > Wed, Jan 15 … Junior Parent Night (Spaghetti supper/PSAT results/College planning), 5:30

< > Mon, Jan. 20 … Martin Luther King, Jr. Day observed – no classes



   We’ve hit you upside the head about as much as we can in an effort to sell our Diocesan Raffle Tickets. The opportunity is almost over and no doubt you’ll be glad when it finally is. I get it, perfectly understandable!

   But we do it for good reason. A worthy reason. A reason that demands we push as hard as we have and ask as often as we do. Because the benefit walks through these halls. Students not of any one faith, students not of any one creed or color, students not of any one anything. Except for their families needed a little financial boost to make it happen.

   Whether you bought one raffle ticket, a hundred or just prayed for the success of the effort – we thank you.

   When classes resume after the holidays, unless something horribly unexpected happens, we’ll be blessed to open the doors to our re-dedicated “Michael and Eleanor Miller Theater” – with new seating, new carpet, and a little bit of a new look. In the future, we’ll be renovating sound and lights as well.

   Though we have been blessed with a miraculous gift from Mr. Miller, we would not be able to accomplish the entirety of the project were it not also for the over 400 individuals who purchased seats, helped with acoustics, provided new curtains, freshened the painting and all the rest.

   We’ve hounded our alumni – and you - a lot about that too. Again, worthy of our every effort as we not only celebrate our students’ talents in this space, but because what we do most often there is celebrate liturgy and offer prayer. Christ was born in a stable so it’s not like He’s ever been in need of anything fancy. But seats that don’t squeak … well, it’s the least we could do.

   In fact, our first formal event in there will be our Thursday morning All-School Mass when we re-gather after the break. That’s how it should be; thank you for making us better.

   We pray your Christmas is full of moments that become memories. And that the New Year brings many more.

   Wishing all of you a wonderful and most blessed Christmas!

   George Valadie