A Thanksgiving Message

To our Notre Dame Families - 

Holiday greetings from school!

Every so often, you open your mail and the unexpected gift tumbles out into your lap. Perhaps it’s a belated birthday gift from a work colleague, maybe a surprise refund from some premium you overpaid months ago, or simply a thank you rebate for “choosing our new company.”

I opened one such gift today but it didn’t have any cash in it - it was better. An out-of-the-blue note written from the heart. And though it was addressed to me, it wasn’t actually for me … it was written for you.

Dear Mr. Valadie:

Please accept this as our expression of gratitude and sincere appreciation to Notre Dame and all its donors for the financial aid that has so generously allowed our child to soon be graduating as a member Notre Dame’s Class of 2020. 

Without this financial assistance, we would not have been able to afford to attend Notre Dame. And we know full well our student would not have experienced at any other high school these same expectations of academic, spiritual and athletic excellence mixed with this environment of social consciousness. 

Our observations have been that this pursuit of achieving the most for and out of every student is not just theory or mere lip service, but is exemplified by all who comprise Notre Dame. 

We have thought long and hard about how to express our thanks and, quite frankly, this is one of those moments where words will never serve to adequately reflect our gratitude.  We instead hope the Notre Dame family might be pleased to see the results of their generosity. 

Our child presently sports a really great GPA, was recognized in the 30+ ACT Club, has taken Honors, Dual Enrollment and AP courses with success and has played sports since freshman year.  Working part-time during the school year and employed as a camp counselor this past summer, our senior is presently in the fortunate position of “getting to decide” which college to attend. 

The academic strength of Notre Dame’s staff has qualified us for scholarships and opportunities that would have surely eluded us but for your kindness.

If any of you ever have a thought that your generosity and sacrifice is to no avail or not appreciated, please be assured that your kindness makes the impossible possible for many families, including our own.

With warmest personal regards, we remain …

I can’t top that. Some donate to our Annual Fund, others have purchased a calendar in the past or a raffle ticket this year. (And no, it’s not too late to still do that.) Regardless, your kindness - in whatever shape it takes - helps others and you are one of the donors this family wants to thank.

You help make the impossible possible.

In this season of giving thanks, let me add ours to his. Regardless of what it is, we thank you for everything you do, every hour you sacrifice, every tuition dollar you pay, every prayer you pray.

And may God bless you in the very same way He has blessed others through you! Happy Thanksgiving!

George Valadie, NDHS