Completion of Green Grant Celebrated

In an effort to reduce polluted stormwater and runoff, Notre Dame applied for, and received, the first Green Grant from the City of Chattanooga Public Works Department. The grant, totaling $100,000, allowed for installation of green infrastructure around the campus. 
In the parking lot, concrete was removed and islands installed as bio-retention systems. These islands capture storm water, cool it off, filter it into the plants, and enhance the water quality. Other areas of concrete were replaced with pervious pavement. All the water is directed to a newly planted bio-retention basin near the entrance to campus where it then flows to nearby Citico Creek.
Josh Rogers, a water quality specialist with public works, commented, "Some place like Notre Dame is going to be very visible. It is an educational facility. So these students can learn a lot about stormwater and how it affects our streams and environment."