Mr. Valadie's March Letter

March, 2019
To all our Families –
Greetings from ND! Daylight savings has arrived … I’m thrilled, I won’t lie, I could use a little extra sunshine!
Congratulations to English teacher, Melissa Wolff and her husband Mike, on their new baby boy, Michael Alan III (Trip). All are healthy!
For those who may be interested, here is a list of scheduled Lenten Penance Services for our nearby Catholic Churches:
>> March 18 - 6:00 P.M. Sts Peter and Paul.
>> March 19 - 6:00 P.M. St. Stephens.
>> March 21 - 7:00 P.M. St.Therese of Lisieux Cleveland, TN.
>> March 26 - 7:00 P.M. St. Jude.
>> March 27 - 6:00 P.M. OLPH.
>> March 27 - 7:00 P.M. St. Augustine Signal Mtn., TN.
>> April 3 - 7:00 P.M. Holy Spirit Soddy Daisy, TN.
Our Online Enrollment process for the 2019-2020 school year runs from March 1st - April 18th and if your Online Enrollment packet is submitted before April 1st, it will not incur the $125.00 registration fee.
Here are some instructions you may find helpful. If you have any questions, please contact Katie Woodard in our Business Office. She can guide you through.
- Click on (or go to>quicklinks> ParentsWeb).
- District Code is NDHS-TN.
- Type in your ParentsWeb username and password. If you have forgotten your username or password, please click on the link provided.
- After logging in, click on the Apply/Enroll tab in the left menu.
- Click Enrollment/Re-enrollment in the drop down menu.
- Select "Click here to open Online Enrollment".
- After the new screen has opened, click "Start Enrollment Packet".
- Complete the sections as prompted. Once all sections have a check mark, click “Submit” on the Enrollment Packet Review tab.
Here’s a second reminder that our Junior-Senior Prom will be here before long (Saturday, April 13th).
Here are a few things to know: (a) outside dates need to be registered ahead of time; (b) freshmen cannot attend; and (c) please know that modesty in dress is critical though sometimes hard to find in today’s stores. We don’t want to deny anyone the opportunity to enjoy an evening with their friends but there’s too much out there that’s just not acceptable.
Any questions or concerns, just ask. Better to know ahead of time. Invitations with theme and location are in the mail.
Can you walk a mile? Do you need to walk a mile? Would you like to walk a flat mile without the treadmill tilted on an incline?
Hoping to see everyone at this Friday’s Irish Soles 5K Run and Walk. Assisted by the Chattanooga Track Club, our 5K race kicks off at 6:15 p.m. in front of our new home at Naked River Brewing Company with the Walk to follow.
I emphasize the “walk” part because I’m not a 5K-er though I wish I were. Either way, I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself. Last year we had 100+ racers and walkers and we’re expecting even more this year. You can’t beat it for a great way to kickoff St. Patrick’s Day weekend.
We’ll have prizes for the runners and t-shirts for all, just go ahead and register online by going to our website ) and then click on SUPPORT. We hope to see you there!!! We also have forms in the office if you’re a pen-and-paper person.
This Friday, 6:15, Run / Walk / or Watch, you’ll have a blast!
Here’s my monthly reminder … Not only can you check grades but you can also track student absence and tardiness on RenWeb. Our semester policy allows for five absences in a class before points are deducted or seven tardies to school before consequences come about. If you have a student that drives, may I suggest checking on their punctuality every so often.
And lastly, the post-it notes currently hanging on our fridge:
>> Fri, Mar 15 – Irish Soles 5K Run and 1-Mile Walk
>> Sat, Mar 16 – Spring Break begins
>> Mon, Mar 25 – Classes resume
>> Fri, Mar 29 – Sophomore Job Shadowing Day
>> Wed, Apr 3 – College Guidance Mtg for parents of Juniors
>> Fri, Apr 5 – Faculty Retreat (No classes)

It’s a memory from another place and another time.
We were having class officer elections and she was a go-getter. She had decided to run for Treasurer of her 9thgrade class and had spent the weekend making banners and signs and all those things that hopefully boost one’s name recognition. I grin just thinking about it since there were only 50 kids in her grade and most of them had gone to school together since Kindergarten. Everyone knew everyone and her mom taught there too.
She was smart, creative, headed for greater things to be sure and would have made the perfect president, truth be told.
Like our school here, we had a morning 10-minute “break,” during which students had a breath of free time and an opportunity to grab a snack. And that’s when her dad showed up to hang her banners and signs.
He borrowed our ladder and as the kids strolled through our hallway (we only had one), they curiously watched him scurry up and down, the only parent on campus valiantly trying to get her handiwork in every visible hallway spot. Some kids had no signs; others no more than a couple; he hung twenty if he hung one.
He did indeed get her some attention … it probably wasn’t the sort she needed.
On occasion, moms and dads ask how they can be involved at the high school level. Everyone understands it’s different … but how exactly? No more homeroom parties; fewer field trips to chaperone; most no longer celebrate their children’s birthdays here. No reading time in the Library; no more opening milk cartons in the lunchroom; few parents if any coach at this level. And yet, every single parent wants to insure – as best they can – that their child will succeed, have friends, and feel supported. And that somehow feels easier the closer you get to be.
There is no question our school and our students need moms and dads more than ever. Some of it will look the same as when they were smaller, some of it will evolve, but either way, parent involvement is crucial to the success of our school. It has forever been one of the critical markers that guarantees school and student success – especially at a Catholic School.
I threw together a quick piece of a list …
>> Keep an eye on their RenWeb
>> Pitch in at our Used Uniform Sales
>> Come to a College Guidance Meeting
>> Write a prayer intention outside our chapel
>> Bring them to the College Fair
>> Give to our Annual Fund
>> The Christmas Luncheon could always use some extra hands
>> Bring them to a sporting event they want to attend
>> Take up gate money at an athletic contest
>> Make a costume for the play
>> Invite a family to visit Notre Dame
>> Attend our Gala or Irish Soles events
>> Do some “Service” with them
>> Come pray for us in our Chapel
>> Sell a sponsor sign for the fence
>> Keep encouraging your student to try something new
>> Get to be acquaintances with their friends’ parents
>> Peek (stare!) at their social media
>> Buy the occasional raffle ticket
>> Help hand out pizza on Student Appreciation Day
>> Look at their homework
>> Help them study for a test
>> “Share” our school’s Facebook posts; re-tweet our tweets
>> Help construct some piece of the scenery for one of our plays
>> Come join us for Mass on a Thursday morning
>> Help sell some concessions
>> Write a note to the teacher your kid likes the best
>> And on and on and on ….
If I recall accurately, I never wanted my mom to phone, write, or in any way communicate with my teachers but I always wanted her to come to my games. Teenagers tell parents to “stay away” and yet there is an unspoken pride when they see you here. Oh, they may not speak to you while you’re here, but believe me, it’s there. And they feel it.
I think that particular Dad popped into my head lately because my daughters are also trying to figure out how to balance their jobs and their kids and their kids’ schools and soccer and swimming and dance and Spelling tests. It’s not easy. It wasn’t easy for him; it’s not easy for them; certainly wasn’t easy for me. And my guess is it’s not all that easy for our parents either.
Just know that it matters. Always has, always will! Thank you for being there for us in whatever ways you can! We're a family, we need each other! Always have, always will!
George Valadie