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Individual Class Reunions for 2023

If you are a member of one of the following Classes and are interested in being your Class Reunion Chair or a member of their reunion planning committee, please email the Alumni Affairs office at

2023, 2018, 2013, 2008, 2003, 1998, 1993, 1988, 1983, 1978, 1973, 1968, 1963 and earlier class years ending in 3 or 8.

Classes in other years may be having reunions too, and you may hear from these Chairs and/or committees. 

Planning your Reunion Step-by-Step Help and Tips

Suggested Timeline

  • January                        Form committee; choose committee chair
  • January – February        Update class mailing list
  • March                              Reserve reunion venue/location
  • April                                Committee sends first informational email to classmates
  • May                                 Plan events and confirm a class reunion fund account with Alumni Office
  • June                             Committee sends out second email to classmates requesting reservations
  • Early July                        Plan awards, special programs, and any swag
  • Jul 21-22                         Alumni Weekend and Reunion

Committee Responsibilities

Writing Letters

  • The first informational email should provide the main details for the class reunion and include a biographical survey to help plan additional activities based on family status, interests, etc. 

  • The second email is to take reservations and arrange classmate payments.  The NDHS Alumni Office can facilitate a registration landing page for you if you desire one. 

Updating the Class List

  • Calling and emailing classmates to verify contact information. 

  • Using directories, internet searches, classmate networking, social media and Alumni website searches to find classmates with missing contact information. 

  • Please provide an updated classmates list to the Alumni Office.  Addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are greatly appreciated. 

Handling Class Funds

  • Locating any existing funds if there have been previous reunions.  Call the Alumni Office if NDHS set up a fund in past years, and see what your class balance may be. 

  • Set up an account with a local bank or with Notre Dame High School.  Classes can request to have an account opened at Notre Dame High School. Checks are deposited into the designated account, and the Business Manager pays vendors directly. Excess funds can be held for future reunions. Classes can receive a tax exemption if the NDHS Business Manager pays vendors directly. 

  • Collecting and depositing checks. 

  • Sending checks to Notre Dame High School if using a NDHS class account.  

  • Setting up online registration page with the Alumni Office. 

Reunion Event Details

  • Reserving the facility, caterer, photographer, band, DJ, etc. 

  • Choosing decorations, arranging deliveries, and forming a venue setup committee 

  • Finding volunteers to serve as greeters, photographers, etc. 

Communicating with Classmates

  • Creating a class email list or Facebook page to communicate with classmates. 

  • Using message center on the ND Alumni Facebook website to send out information. 

  • Update your class page on the Alumni Website with all of the reunion details. 

  • Setup an online event RSVP with the Alumni Office. 

  • Organize a phone effort to encourage attendance and update contact information.