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Tuition and fees for the 2020-21 school year are listed below.  The fees paid per student cover the student activity fee, technology fee, administrative fee, mandatory drug testing, instructional fee, retreat fee, house t-shirt, library fee, parent membership in Notre Dame Parent Association, and ACT fee. Additional expenses that may be incurred include, but are not limited to: Uniforms, lunches, parking, athletic participation fees and expenses, school supplies, and novels for outside reading.

Catholic Student Tuition:


Non-Catholic Student Tuition  $17,729.00


Tuition Assistance

Notre Dame High School awards tuition assistance using a needs-based evaluation (FACTS Grant & Aid online application) for families who could not otherwise afford to attend. To inquire about tuition assistance, contact Mary Anne Poinsatte at

  • Notre Dame does not offer academic or athletic scholarships.
  • All TSSAA rules and policies are in effect.
  • Families are required to apply each school year and submit the required tax documentation by the deadline in order to be considered for tuition assistance. 
  • There is a $35 application fee due at the time of application submission.
  • Catholic families must also submit a completed Parish Affiliation Form signed by their pastor, in order to apply for tuition assistance.
  • All required documentation must be uploaded to the online application before it is considered complete. 

Tuition Assistance Process:

  1. Complete the 2021-2022 FACTS Grant & Aid application. Click here to apply.
  2. Upload 2019 Federal Tax Return.
  3. Complete a personal tuition assistance interview with Chris Curtis  ( or Mary Anne Poinsatte ( 
  4. Tuition assistance award letters will be mailed in early March 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact any of the following: Katie Woodard, Connie McCutcheon, Mary Anne Poinsatte or Chris Curtis at (423) 624-4618.