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Student Support

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Mission Statement:

 To provide services and assistance to students who are experiencing academic difficulties due to specific learning disabilities, motivational issues, and other academic challenges. 

In keeping with Catholic Social Teachings, we offer an inclusive environment, one that recognizes that all students think and learn differently. As such, we offer support to those students who think and learn differently. We work with families to ensure that, to the best of our ability, we can provide accommodations such as alternate setting, extended time, etc.  Students are encouraged to avail themselves of our learning supports. 

Supports include:

  • Faculty hold office hours before and after school
  • Library Media Center staffed until 5:30 each school day
  • After School Support in guidance area from 3:00-4:00 each school day
  • Peer tutoring
    • This program matches students who need extra support in a subject with students who have already taken the class. It is a volunteer program and once students are paired, they set up their own schedule and may meet before, during, or after school once a week or several times a week depending on preference and workload. 

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