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Our Curriculum

Credit Requirements for Graduation

  • 4 Religion (or 1 for each year at Notre Dame)
  • 4 English
  • 4 Mathematics
  • 3 Science - Biology, Chemistry or Physics, Third Science Course
  • 2 World Language
  • 3 History - Ancient World, Modern World, US
  • 1 Fine & Practical Arts
  • 1.5 Wellness/Physical Education
  • .5 Economics
  • .5 Personal Finance
  • 4.5 Academic Electives

Course Offerings

For nearly 150 years, Notre Dame High School has changed the lives of thousands of students. As a top-rated private coeducational school, its demanding academics, supported by teachers and staff holding advanced degrees, prepares students to succeed in college and life thereafter. To access Notre Dame High School's Core Curriculum Guide, please click here.


We Develop High School Students to Be Their Personal Best.