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2023 Alumni Awards Presented

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Every year, Notre Dame takes pride in recognizing and honoring outstanding alumni who embody the values of Christian Spirit, Citizenship, and Community Service. The Annual Alumni Awards Presentation is a momentous occasion where the achievements and contributions of remarkable individuals are celebrated. This year, the recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award and the Jim Phifer Service award have truly exemplified the essence of Notre Dame's mission

Distinguished Alumni Awardees:

1. Karl Fillauer '66

Karl Fillauer, a 1966 graduate of Notre Dame, stands as a shining example of the Distinguished Alumni Awardee. With a bachelor's degree in Biology and Theology, Karl's journey took him into the field of Orthotics and Prosthetics. His notable achievements include running patient care clinics, acquiring and re-establishing the Fillauer family business, and receiving the prestigious Titus-Ferguson Award in his profession.

Beyond his professional success, Karl's commitment to Christian values is evident in his philanthropic endeavors. He has been a member of the Knights of Columbus, a fellow of the American Academy of Orthotics and Prosthetics, and the founder of the Paraclete Catholic Bookstore. Karl and his wife, Becky, exemplify Notre Dame's spirit by providing respite care and support for diocesan priests.

Karl's dedication to Notre Dame is unwavering, as he remains actively involved with the school through volunteering, financial support, and fostering connections with students and faculty. His life serves as a testament to the values instilled at Notre Dame.

2. Col. Larry Skelly '64

Colonel Larry Skelly, a 1964 graduate, has dedicated his life to Christian Spirit, Citizenship, and Community Service. His 27-year military career saw him rise to the rank of Colonel, serving in various capacities around the world during the Cold War. Post-retirement, he continued to serve his country in civilian roles, contributing to the U.S. Intelligence Community and the Department of Homeland Security.

Larry's commitment extends beyond professional realms; he actively participates in his community as a Homebound Minister, Lector, Eucharistic Minister, and a volunteer at Memorial. His involvement in the Sierra Club and dedication to livestreaming weekly mass at St. Stephens Catholic Church showcase his continued commitment to service.

Larry's enduring connection to Notre Dame is evident in his ongoing involvement in class activities, school events, and his close-knit high school friendship circle, "The Nomads." His life reflects the enduring spirit of Notre Dame.

3. Tony Neuhoff '74

Tony Neuhoff, a 1974 graduate, devoted his life to helping individuals with addictive disease problems. Despite facing personal struggles with alcohol dependency, Tony overcame his challenges and dedicated 39 years to the treatment and support of others. His work at various institutions earned him numerous awards, highlighting his compassionate and impactful contributions.

Tony's commitment to Notre Dame continued throughout his life, remaining an active participant in class activities, school events, and the Mardi Gras Gala. His life story mirrors Notre Dame's mission values of offering help to those in need, making him a true reflection of the school's ethos.

Jim Phifer Service Award Recipient:

Rev. Msgr. Al Humbrecht

The Jim Phifer Service Award, recognizing unselfish service with a Christian spirit, is bestowed upon Monsignor Al Humbrecht. His extensive career in ministry, education, and leadership showcases a commitment to social justice teachings.

From his early years as a priest to serving as a teacher and administrator at Notre Dame, Monsignor Humbrecht has played a pivotal role in the diocese's parishes and institutions. His leadership as diocesan administrator during transitional periods demonstrates his dedication to the Catholic community.

As a key figure in selecting Notre Dame's president and serving on the School Advisory Board, Monsignor Humbrecht continues to shape the future of Notre Dame. His journey from "once a hippie, always a hippie" resonates with the transformative spirit that Notre Dame instills in its graduates.

The Annual Alumni Awards Presentation not only honors exceptional individuals but also reinforces the values that Notre Dame strives to instill in every student. These alumni, through their exemplary lives, continue to inspire current and future generations, proving that the Notre Dame spirit is not just a memory but a living, enduring legacy.


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