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2021 Underclassmen Awards

Two girls holding award
  • Academics

On Monday, May 10, the annual Underclassmen Awards Night was held in the Miller Theatre. Congratulations to the following students who received awards:

Knights of Columbus Essay Contest - Students were offered the opportunity to write an essay on the topic: “How trusting God during a difficult time helped you or someone you know find strength and hope to endure it.” … presented to Hannah Morais, Elijah Hughes and Maia Delaney

Student Service Awards - The service our students do in the community is to promote the Christian faith and help others who are in need.  While all of the service our students do is important, there are a few students who have gone above and beyond in their call to fulfil the school’s requirements. Those students are:

  • Jack Christensen
  • Ryan Eiselstein
  • Sophia Huelskamp
  • Jackson Love
  • Molly McGann
  • Charlie Sullivan
  • Hamilton Ta
  • Grace Wieber
  • Allie Wilson

Perfect Attendance Award - a student must have zero absences in all classes and zero tardies as well.  Four students have achieved this award. 

  •    Savina Jones
  •    Giancarlo Malpartida
  •    Hannah Morais   

Departmental Awards of Excellence - These are presented to students who might well be the top academic performer in the class but they need not be. Rather they have made an outstanding contribution to the class – be it through discussion, cooperation, effort, improvement, leadership, some of the above, or maybe all of the above. Where appropriate, more than one student might be recognized.


  • 9th Grade English – Declan Newcom
  • 9th Grade Honors English – Hannah Morais
  • Freshmen Seminar – Parker Babb, Ayden Dant, and Grace Wieber
  • 10th Grade English: Kennedy Hill
  • 10th Grade Honors English: Sam Gribben
  • 11th Grade English: Alexa Taylor
  • 11the Grade Honors English: Samantha Patterson
  • AP English 11: Savannah Carrin


  • Dance -  Ava Culpepper
  • Theatre - Allie WIlson
  • Tech Theatre -  Eli Cowan
  • Art 1 – Johnathan Polickoski
  • Art 2 – Millie Meagher
  • Design – Savannah Carroll
  • Band - Grace Wieber, Nicholas Carreon, Levi Brown
  • Percussion - DeClan Newcom
  • Piano - Ryan Eiselstein
  • Guitar - Nicholas Carreon


  • French 1 – Larry Johnson
  • Hon French 2 - Mikey Monahan
  • Hon French 3 – Ian Agbannaoag 
  • Spanish I:  VyLynh Jensen, Declan Newcom, and Talli Tucker
  • Spanish II: Kennedy Hill and JK Kelley
  • Honors Spanish II: Sam Smith
  • Spanish III: Alexa Taylor
  • Honors Spanish III: Emma Studley
  • AP Spanish  - Giancarlo Malpartida


  • Algebra 1 - Katherine DeLeon
  • Honors Algebra 1 - Kennedie Smith
  • Geometry - Sabina Fuller and Lena Nguyen
  • Honors Geometry - Vylynh Jensen and Larry Johnson
  • Algebra 2 - Gunner Braunhausen and Olivia Mildenberger
  • Advanced Algebra 2 - Eli Cowan and Andrew Obringer
  • Honors Algebra 2 - Keaton Czarnecki, Maggie Haimelin, and Nico Garcia
  • Honors Precalculus - Giancarlo Malpartida


  • Girls’ Weight Training – Emma Studley
  • Boys Weight Training – Boston Eberly
  • Boys’ Wellness – Parker Babb
  • Girls’ Wellness – Hannah Morais
  • Sports Performance – Sarah Moore
  • Introduction to Yoga – Abigail Pollard


  • Freshmen - Hannah Morais and Hannah Widerkehr
  • Sophomores - Emma Pace and Mikey Monahan
  • Juniors - Kenzie Campbell, Noah Morais, and Caroline Gargano
  • Seniors - James Hall, Morgan Hicks, Molly McGann and Sara Willingham


  • Biology – Camila Fernandez-Moreno
  • Honors Biology – VyLynh Jensen
  • Conceptual Physics – Emma Studley
  • Chemistry – Landon McCallie
  • Honors Chemistry – Sam Smith and Noah Morais
  • AP Chemistry – Isaac Moorman
  • Anatomy & Physiology – Kenzie Campbell


  • Ancient World History – Ayden Dant and Hannah Morais
  • US History – Abrahm Shull
  • H. US History – Savannah Carroll
  • AP US History – Kenzie Campbell
  • Modern World History – Tyler Berry and Nicholas Carreon
  • Honors Modern World History- DJ Brown and Eli Hughes
  • AP Modern World History– Emma Pace
  • Psychology– Olivia Mildenberger
  • 21st Century Skills – Nico Garcia

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