10 Ways to Support

1Give a gift to the Annual Fund or the Dominican Sisters Fund. Big or small every gift counts, and goes to support the education and spiritual development of future Notre Dame Alumni.

2Call the Advancement Office and get more information about a capital project you would like to support.

3 Consider a lifetime gift through estate planning.

4 Keep Notre Dame High School in your conversations.

5 Start or build a legacy— Send your children or grandchildren to Notre Dame. Contact our Admissions Office for more information at 423-624-4618 ext. 1004.

6Attend alumni, athletic, and school events.

7Stop by and visit us! We would love to see you!

8Join us for weekly Mass every Wednesday at 8:30am.

9Stay connected with us via the Alumni Community site http://alumni.myndhs.com, Facebook, or Linked In.

10Keep Notre Dame High School in your prayers.