Academic Assistance

Notre Dame High School Learning Center


Mission Statement:


To provide services and assistance to students who are experiencing academic difficulties due to specific learning disabilities, motivational issues and other academic challenges. 


The Notre Dame High School Learning Center encompasses two distinct programs:


            Student Support Services Program – This inclusive program serves and assists students with mild learning disabilities, attention deficit, Asperger, and other learning and social issues. 


            According to Diocesan Policy, students who are served in this program must have the following:

·        A current psychological evaluation (3 yrs)

·        Previously received services

·        Submission of all testing with application

·        Pre-admission interview with Director of Student Academic Services

·        Annual Student Support Plan (SSP) meetings


            Other services:

·        College counseling

·        ACT special testing accommodations

·        Educational & Psychological testing

·        Alterative testing environment

·        Computer-aided learning